Simon 2016


Getting older is wonderful because, as each day passes, I realise just a tiny bit more that the only thing that matters in my life is people. This site is a collection of letters. Letters to people I want to thank for what they have done for me during my times of success, failure, happiness and darkness. Some are massive things, some were career-changing, some little acts of kindness. A few of these individuals you will have heard of, the majority will be strangers – in fact, one or two aren’t even people. But, in spite of not knowing most of them right now, I hope you will come to do so just a little. I begin each letter with a short summary of the individual and the situation.

I’ve included a number of photos and other memorabilia to help to bring the stories to life. Just click on the images if you’d like to enlarge them. This site uses the latest technology and will work best if you access it via Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer.

There is a reply box on each page, so do let me know your thoughts. If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email at I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you read – you may even be able to shed more light on some of the characters or events.

This is my list of thank yous…

Dad, for being the man I’ll never be
Crocodiles, for . . . well . . . you’ll just have to read the letter!
Dr David Dart, for saving my father’s life on several occasions
Mum, for four things
Mrs D, my ‘surrogate’ grandmother
Elizabeth Woodward and John Booth, for a great educational start
Peter Hamilton, for being my friend as we grew up
David Martin, the first person to inspire me to do what I do now
Patch, for being unfailingly loyal
Bob Glover, for proving the power of hindsight
Uncle John, for my first great adventure
Ron King, who taught me to know my trade
Carol, for never flinching on one hell of a journey
Brighton Borough Council, for some very happy times
Raj Annamalai, for spotting something
Dave McIntyre, for telling me to listen
Jenny Dutt (now Jenny Annis), for her time and guidance
Gary Numan, Ian Dury, Roger Waters and Steve Hackett, for the most emotional music of my time
John Howard, for being my best friend in adult life
Los Angeles, the world’s greatest city
Dr Clare Slater, who saved me from falling
Queen, the greatest group of my time, who also saved me from falling
Vince O’Donovan, for a big playing field and an extra sausage
Dean Robertson, for making that special nomination
John Leach, for taking my thinking to another level
Sir Winston Churchill, the greatest English Prime Minister
John F Kennedy, for such amazing words
George Orwell, for being a literary genius
Spike Milligan, for being the most poignant writer of my time
Tim Berners-Lee, for giving me limitless access to knowledge
Sport, for some wonderful times
Sky TV, for living the dream
The counties of East Sussex, Norfolk and West Yorkshire, for being wonderful places to live
And, finally, to writing, for self-discovery and awareness