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As an only child born to older parents – one of whom was ill for most of my life – I spent much of my time alone. I still do. Music was, and is, important to me and my well-being. As you will see if you read some of the other letters, there are four musicians who I particularly admire and Steve Hackett is one of them…


Dear Steve

I’ve been fan of yours since I was a teenager; to prove it, take a look at this photo…

Ron Registry Nov 1980 001

My boss, Ron King, in Brighton Town Hall in 1980. My desk is in the foreground. Look carefully and you can just make out a couple of photos of the legendary Steve Hackett, which I cut from the cover of the Genesis album ‘Seconds Out’ and placed in a little plastic frame

The first time I saw you ‘live’ was at Brighton’s Dome in the late 70s. I remember you played one encore, we bellowed for a second, when you announced: “we haven’t really got any more material rehearsed up, sorry.” Now I come to see you – twenty-odd albums later – and your catalogue would entertain for weeks.

I so admire the diverse emotion of your work: the ultimate ‘progressive’ albums that are Voyage of the Acolyte and Please don’t Touch. The mesmeric power of Shadow of the Hierophant, raw electric power of Fire on the Moon, moving acoustics of Walking away from Rainbows. And the perfect concert experience that is NEARfest.

You are a true guitar legend: last time I saw you at The Lowry, Manchester, I watched in complete awe as you concluded Supper’s Ready with the most technically challenging and emotionally searing guitar solo I’ve witnessed. Cue shivers and glassy eyes. And there’s not many days go by where that track doesn’t get at least one airing on my commute into Manchester. In fact, the Live at the Royal Albert Hall version of that guitar solo is so very special, it’s the one I want to draw my own funeral to a close.

But, for me, your greatest accolade is that you are the man whose music helped me fall in love with Carol. A few years back, a friend of hers confided that they’d guessed there was someone new in her life because the background music at dinner parties had switched from Mozart to Spectral Mornings! The title track of that album soon became ‘our tune’ and it still is.

Steve Hackett signed photo

Signed photo of Steve Hackett that hangs
on my office wall

So thank you, Steve – for so much enjoyment over the years – and for providing the soundtrack to my marriage!


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  1. Steve Hackett says:

    Hi Simon,

    Good to know how important the music is to you.

    All the very best,


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