Jenny Dutt

Jenny Dutt, now Jenny Annis, was the other experienced trainer (with Dave McIntyre) who worked with me to co-deliver Staff Appraisal and other training programmes during the early days of my training and development career with Alliance & Leicester. I always call her simply ‘JD’.



We’ve all heard the term good cop, bad cop. Well, if our colleague and friend Mr McIntyre was the ‘bad’, you sure were the good!

We spent lots of time away together, most notably in Bath where we were, at one point, practically residents in the Hilton. I recall we would drive down via the A36, breaking our journey at the Red Rover pub near Salisbury, which offered a great selection of lunchtime food – unusual for such an establishment in those days.

Once training, you were patience itself. You would talk to me before the events, finding out about any concerns I had and giving me advice and tips. You’d then observe me during my delivery and compile shortlists of bullet-point feedback – which you’d flesh out and discuss with me over a meal at the Rajpoot – that wonderful, subterranean, vaulted Indian restaurant in the heart of the city.

Jenny Dutt

JD, in a still from the Alliance & Leicester Staff
Appraisal VHS training video, 1988

When we were working back home, from the main office, you were very kind. You’d come and give me a lift to work so that Carol could have use of the company car, which made life so much easier for her and the kids when they were so young.

A few years later, I enjoyed a spell in the Management Development team where you were my direct boss. Many of the principles I learnt with you then I still follow today – and I certainly always have the EARS listening model at the very top of my bag of tricks!

So thank you, JD – thank you for your time, advice and friendship.

Lots of love


Red Rover pub

The Red Rover, venue for many a lunch for JD and SB
in the late 1980s

One thought on “Jenny Dutt

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Simon

    I have read it all – not just my bit and thought it was a beautiful idea and a beautiful website. It was also lovely reading about David McIntyre as well as myself.

    I occasionally go down to Bath as I have done some work down there over the years and also have a great friend who lives there now. Every time I go past the Red Rover I think of you.

    Great pictures too – did I really look like that at one time?

    Love and thanks


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